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Uploaded 27-Oct-11
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A golf ball in flight. Now #20 in the world...

Okay, it's fun to be able to say, " the world" isn't it. But right off, here come the caveats. It's the number 20 on Shutterstock. Which means, in terms of daily downloads, it's #20. Overall, somehow? Dunno. I'm just happy with it.

Mainly because it took me about 20 minutes. Total. I'd seen someone do something similar and thought, "I can do that. I used to play a little golf as a kid". So I found a golf ball. Golf club? Nope, didn't have one. Look at the photo though. I got very lucky with a couple of reflections.

So I took a picture of my, focused about 15 feet in front of me, wearing the grungy pants and shirt I was wearing that day. Then took an isolated shot of a golf ball in the same sun. Put the two together and threw it up on Shutterstock.

The next day, my jaw hit the floor. I had more downloads on that pic that day then I'd had the previous two weeks. And while it tapered off pretty quick, it's been a steady seller ever since. And golf is a very big stock category. It's not flowers or business but still very hard to break into.

And it was really just luck. Looking at it now, I guess placing the ball within the curve of my body is what people like. And the fact that it's not coming right at you, but a bit off to the side.

But unlike many best selling shots, it's very dark. What's more, I've tried reproducing it with other backgrounds, other models and had no luck.

Sometimes, lighting really does only strike once.
Canon EOS REBEL T1i, f/4.5 @ 40 mm, 1/250, ISO 100, No Flash

A golf ball in flight.  Now #20 in the world...